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TEXAS – Following a recent attack at the San Diego Comic-Con, another  ‘Zombie Walk’ incident has been reported in Houston,  Texas, where hundreds of fans of the TV show The Walking Dead accidentally attacked, pulled limb from limb, eviscerated and finally ate a coach load of Portuguese tourists.

The tourists were reportedly en route to a site of historical interest when they were intercepted by the cosplay nutsacks. The coach driver Mason Patterson panicked and stalled the engine at which point over a hundred zombies, wearing fake blood, tattered clothes and lurching about like morons, attacked the vehicle smashing the windows and overturning it. The coach driver, who defended himself with a service issue Glock, said:

They went crazy. It was like some kind of feeding frenzy. They were tearing into my passengers with what can only be described as ‘gay abandon’. Actually there’s probably a better way of describing it. At first the tourists were under the impression it was some kind of interactive experience we had organized and were merrily taking pictures, and then the dismemberment and disemboweling began. Even at that point the lights of their little camcorders were going as they tried to keep their final scream-filled blood splattered moments for posterity/reality TV.

The Houston Police Department issued a statement concerning the incident late last night:

A ‘Zombie Walk’ incident did occur late yesterday afternoon. No arrests have been made and we are not pursuing enquiries. We would like to alert members of the public to the fact that under the new lurch your ground law zombie walkers have the right to kill and eat anyone who crosses their path. We would also like to remind the liberal media that the people killed were Portuguese.

What do you think? Is zombie walking going too far? Do you prefer zombie running? Use the comment box to post your inane ideas on the dead of brain.  

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