Zack Snyder Bugs Bunny

HOLLYWOOD – Zack Snyder is to direct Bugs Bunny: The Movie after he wraps on his dark and edgy Justice League movie.

Foul mouthed Zack Snyder has announced he’ll direct Bugs Bunny The Movie for Warner Bros as soon as possible.

Elmer Fudd Is A C**t

‘In my version of the Carrot munching kids favorite, Bugs will battle drug kingpin Elmer Fudd.’ Snyder told The Exec, ‘Fudd sells a highly addictive Orange crystal methamphetamine called Caret to all of Bugs’s cartoon friends. It’s by way of revenge for Bugs making him look like such a c**t all the time. It’s going to be a whole new dark and edgy re-imagining of the Warner cartoon universe, or WCU.’

Cartoon Dope Fiends

‘Wile E Coyote will finally succumb to his addiction,’ continued the director. ‘He dies on a piss-soaked mattress in a crack den. Roadrunner stands over his beloved adversary’s rancid corpse and yells: ‘Noooo, take me-me.’ Before he runs off over the edge of a cliff, holds a white flag and falls to his death in comically timed cloud of dust way below. It gonna be fucked up.’
Marvin The Mind Fuck

‘Marvin the Martian will turn up as psychedelic induced hallucination when Bugs drops Acid laced with Ketamine. He shows Bugs that life is meaningless and we are all just part of the same vibration of energy rebounding off the walls our imagined universe. Bugs awakes from his mind expanding trip. He realises that Porky Pig is his spirit animal and decides to really fuck the social constructs up by playing in a Black Sabbath covers band. Yeah, edgy as you all goddamn.’

Bad Lieutenant

‘Daffy Duck is a cop on the take when we first meet him. He’s done some bad shit, think Harvey Keitel jerking off in front of those girls in Bad Lieutenant. But this time he has a beak and keeps saying ‘You’re indessssspicable.’ Until he blows his feathers all over the car door. I’m so fucking edgy.’

Bugs Bunny: The Movie begins shooting in early 2021.

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