1. Scarface.
I love Pacino and he’s such a bad ass in this. “ Say hello to my little friend”, totally cool. And that huge pile of Cocaine! I mean wow! That’s a lot of coke.

2. Boogie Nights
Dirk Diggler is the kind of role I’d love to play and Wahlberg is like, SHAZAM. I met Burt Reynolds once at the top of the Empire State building. He was dressed in goat leggings and wearing a flaming top hat. Mmm, on second thoughts that might have been a dream. This movie taught me many things. Like, I didn’t know that taking lots of coke could make you impotent. I did not know that.
3. Blow
That scene when Johnny Depp is walking through the airport with a suitcase full of coke to the song Black Betty. So awesome. You know most people think that Columbia is the largest producer of cocaine in the world but it’s actually Peru. It’s really cheap too, like you can get a gram for the price of a Big Mac. Some friends and I went to Machu Picchu last year it was amazing. At least I think it was. I can’t really remember.
4. Annie Hall
Such a sweet movie and Diane Keaton she’s like, WOAH. I’d love to do a Woody Allen some day. It’s very funny expect for that scene when Woody’s character sneezed and the ounce of cocaine went all over the place. I don’t really get the joke.
5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
How many kids films are brave enough to tackle the issue of cocaine addiction? Man that movie was so sad I cried all the way through.
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