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Je suis Xavier Poulis. I am the leading Swiss expert on film, cinema, the movies, motion pictures and … No that’s it. I have been asked by my fat friend (let us not lie, he is fat) Le Studio Exec, to write un petit column, which is ironic you see because my brother-in-law, Francios Coulte, he has a very petit column. In Chapeau the leading French Cultural magazine, for which I have also written pieces. I agreed ‘instantly’, as my Italian friends say (they all speak excellent English), but on one condition. My first bit must be rebuttal of his foul calumnies against the only true American film maker who can be regarded a genius: Adam Le Sandler.

Sandler has been much maligned by the fascistic strictures of a liberal society brainwashed into wanting to enjoy films and find them amusing, perhaps with a leading man who is ‘talented’ and ‘likeable’ or at the least not a complete ‘sperm face’. However, Le Sandler is beyond such a petty considerations. He is Avant Garde. So avant garde you’ll have to turn around to see him. Ha [ha] ha. Le joke.

In my course, at the University of Geneva, I have a module dedicated to Adam Sandler entitled: ‘Not Supposed to Be Funny’. In it I argue that Sandler is thrusting an ontological verity about the nature of US life.  The Wedding Singer deconstructs notions of romance and savagely Drew Barrymores us as well. Jack and Jill is an explication of the rudimentary dichotomy of gender roles; Anger Management a tearing apart of the psychiatric industry and The Waterboy a genuine cry for help: alas unheeded by everyone but a lone Swiss academic who instantly set off at a good pace but was stopped at the border (ironically I was von Trapped). Paul Thomas Anderson’s [Master]ful Punch Drunk Love is the index by which all his other films can be understood, showing the deep sadness lodged like shrapnel in Sandler’s non existent soul. I beg of you watch his Ouvre once more. Reconsider it in the light of my blazing intellect. Except for Little Nicky. Which is genuinely and unironically an unwiped orifice.

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