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HOLLYWOOD – World War Z 2 will be called World War A, says star Brad Pitt.

Despite rumors of development difficulty, Brad Pitt has asserted that World War Z 2 is going ahead. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Pitt had this to say:

World War Z 2 is going ahead. I’ve written a script. We begin in the south of France where I’ve taken refuge with my family in a large villa surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Fortunately, the zombies can’t find me. We just sit around drinking really good wine and occasionally smoking a blunt.  However, when World War A starts, I’m called into action to fight the new enemy: animals.


Yeah, the freaking animals start attacking everyone. It’s like…phhhhhhwwwaaoooooooaRRRRRRR! And that’s just you know, the giraffes. There’s a while sequence where the penguins like… I don’t want to spoil it.


But the twist is that the humans now have to make common cause with the zombies to really kick the asses of the mice and zebras. It’s like symbolic.

World War A will be released in 2018.


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