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CANNES – Woody Allen’s new film Irrational Man is showing at the Cannes Film Festival, but everyone was talking about the extravagant film director’s outrageous wardrobe.

Known the world over for his witty comedic films, occasional dramas and wonderful repartee, Woody Allen is also known – especially in France – as an iconoclastic dresser who is not afraid of raising eyebrows and shocking the hoi polloi. Well, he’s done it again turning up to the red carpet premiere of his new film wearing a pair of trousers.

‘This time he’s gone too far,’ cried one outraged onlooker. ‘I’ve respected Woody ever since What’s Up Tiger Lilly?, but this time he’s gone too far.’

However, seasoned festival goers noticed that this wasn’t the first time Woody Allen had rocked the Croissette with controversy. Theirry Fremaux told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Woody was here in the Seventies with a film, I forget which, and he wore socks. I know it was the strangest thing I ever saw and I’m a broad minded Frenchman. I mean, socks. Because they were socks no one realized until he bent down to tie a shoelace and there they were. Beige. Socks.

Irrational Man meanwhile is not very good.


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