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HOLLYWOOD – The internet exploded today with righteous anger and solemn fury, following the revelation that the new Wonder Woman would be female.

A DC Comics spokesperson told Studio Exec anonymously:

I don’t think that there should really be any controversy about this. In the comic books Wonder Woman is … well … a woman. And in previous incarnations she’s been a woman and in the new film she’ll be a woman. Even in the name Wonder Woman, one of the words is actually if you read it carefully ‘woman’.

However, such sophistry did not placate an internet already tumescent with bilious peek after the recent bombshell that Thor would be a woman in a forthcoming adventure. 

@Geeknutbag27 wrote:

Wonder Woman a woman?! PC BS. Next they’ll say Superman vs Batman gonna be totes gay! #LifeDestroyed

@JonahHill wrote:

I’m sorry for even thinking that Wonder Woman was not a good idea, even if I thought it for a millisecond it was deeply wrong. #Sorry

@Marvel wrote:

Wonder Woman? Erm. Okay.

Wonder Woman will be released in 2015. 


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