A great deal of wind
Wolfgang Petersen

BERLIN – In a dramatic turn of events, famed German film director Wolfgang Petersen has issued writs of copyright infringement on Hurricane Sandy. ‘This imposter has been blowing herself up as the Perfect Storm,’ hissed the genius behind Enemy Mine. ‘It is not The Perfect Storm. I made The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in 2000.’

However, in an astonishing turn around the Troy director has been counter-sued by an association of cinema goers who argue that the original Perfect Storm was ‘far from perfect’, citing the presence of Mr. Wahlberg as a decisive factor. The director has previously found himself In the Line of Fire when he sued President Bill Clinton for having an aeroplane called Air Force One. On that occasion President Clinton replied with a counter-suit in which the plaintiff alleged that The Never Ending Story had very obviously ended, in direct contradiction of its own promotional material vis-à-vis title.

Legal Expert Paddy McEnroe told Studio Exec this morning: ‘Both these cases are silly. And I have no doubt they will be Das Booted out of court.’  

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