Joker suicide squad

Tel Aviv –In an announcement that has stunned the west, the Joker has announced that he will be standing in the next Israeli elections.

“Well to be perfectly honest with you, compared to Netanyahu, I’m practically a moderate.”,  said the clown prince of crime:

I mean sure, we both like destruction and mayhem and we’re both a few fruit loops short of a full bowl but at least there is no method to my madness, this guy’s got an ideology! Okay, now I freely admit I might squirt acid in your face and leave you permanently disfigured but at least I don’t think I’m bombing Arab children on behalf of God. I might be crazy but I’m not that crazy.

The Joker went on to unveil some of his radical policies which involve withdrawing from the West Bank, ending animosity towards Iran and helping to create a stable and peaceful Middle East:

What can I say…I’m a contrarian! Don’t get me wrong, I seriously considered just wiping out everyone that doesn’t agree with me but that’s been done to death, if you pardon the pun.

Netanyahu has already condemned the Joker’s candidacy and has laid down plans to defeat him at the ballot box:

I’m going to give Ben Affleck 100 million dollars and a mansion on the West Bank if he takes him down. If he refuses , Christian Bale. If he refuses, Val Kilmer, if he refuses we’ll call on Keaton and if he refuses, Adam West is our man.

Asked why he never included George Clooney in the list, Netanyahu was outraged:

In Israel, we deny Batman and Robin existed and I truly believe that our proud nation will never get over witnessing Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

Oy vey.

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