Tuesday 29 September 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Joining the latest rash of musical biopics, Will Smith has signed on for Don’t Worry (Be Happy), Spike Lee‘s epic 3 hour take on the musical career of Bobby McFerrin.

The Old Boy and Malcolm X director spoke exclusively to Studio Exec this morning about the project:

I’ve always been inspired by Bobby McFerrin. People know me as a kinda irascible guy always prone to the odd outburst and argument, but really I’m not. I’ve always based my philosophy on Bobby’s amazing hit ‘Don’t Worry (Be Happy)’, which is also going to be the title of our movie.   

Will Smith also expressed delight at working on Don’t Worry (Be Happy).

Bobby McFerrin is a guy, who like James Brown, like Michael Jackson, just revolutionized music. He used his body as an orchestra and he wrote some of the most stirring music of the last few decades. I mean a soundtrack to a generation. He wrote ‘Don’t Worry (Be Happy)’ for crying out loud. Without that song Pharrell Williams would be …. well I don’t know, but something.

Lee also answered criticism that his film is based on a mammoth 300 page script.

Yes, we do have some issues with length, but McFerrin’s story is simply so epic, there’s no way of fitting it all in. I mean we have the story of him becoming this huge overnight success with ‘Don’t Worry (Be Happy)’ and then all the other hits we have to fit in, like… well, there was… I mean, did he do ‘Easy (Like Sunday Morning)’? No that was The Commodores, or Lionel Richie. Erm. Maybe we could slim it down a little.

Don’t Worry (Be Happy) will be released in 2015.

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