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HOLLYWOOD – Will Ferrell has dropped out of the new movie Reagan because of the danger that it might have been funny.

Noted comedian Will Ferrell is no longer to play President Ronald Reagan in a new comedy Reagan. The log line for the film was that as the President succumbs to dementia while in the second term of office and needing to be convinced that he is an actor playing the President of the United States of America. Following a blog post by the late President’s daughter, Ferrell has dropped out of the project although it is unclear whether his Gary Sanchez production company will still be involved. Released EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec a statement read:

We got involved with the project after a great live read of the black listed script with Josh Brolin. However, following concerns voiced by the Reagan family, specifically stating that they think this is unsuitable material for a comedy Will said ‘Whoa! a comedy? are we ready for that?’ You see Will has been quietly making not exactly serious drama, but unfunny films for some time. Non comedies if you will. So when we heard that this was supposed to be funny, Will got cold feet. ‘I can’t do that anymore’ were his exact words.

A source close to¬†Ferrell also stated, ‘We would hate to cause any distress, especially considering what President Reagan did for the mentally ill while in office. His policies of closing down mental hospitals and providing care in the community, mainly under bridges and in slums and trailer parks, was far-sighted. His swift action to alleviate the suffering of AIDs also deserves far more respect. Not to mention his invasion of Granada and the ramping up of the ‘War on Drugs’ which proved such a success’.

Reagan starring Ben Stiller will be released in 2018.

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