Wild Wild West Sequel

HOLLYWOOD – Talk about The Walking Dead! Studio insiders inform us that Will Smith/Kevin Kline Sci-Fi Comedy Western – or Scificomistern as they prefer to be known – Wild Wild West has been reanimated as unanticipated sequel: Wild Wild West Z

This time around the classic partnership of Smith and Kline takes a new twist as Kline’s beloved US Marshal Artemus Gordon [SPOILER] falls prey to the zombie plague. The official plot synopsis reads:

Set five years after the original classic, WWWZ groans into action with an apocalyptic vision of the past! Capt. James West (Will Smith) seeks out his old partner to battle the armies of the undead only to find that Gordon (Kevin Kline) is now a flesh eating maggot bag. Putting their differences aside, the two buddies strike up an unlikely alliance that, I gotta tell you, leads to some “quick fire” ‘banter’. Along the way the bickering pair encounter friends and foes of the past including the corpse of Kenneth Branagh (Director of Thor) and busty Mexican temptress Salma Hayek (played in motion capture by Andy Serkis). 

Wild Wild West Z: Getting Ziggy With It! will be released in 3D in 2015.

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