HOLLYWOOD – Bob Hoskins died yesterday. It was sad. The announcement that he was retiring from film acting a couple of years ago because of a diagnosis of Parkinson’s meant the news was not a shock, but that earlier news itself had been very sad, so the sadness just accumulated.

The man made a lot of wonderful films, some great television and the films that weren’t so great were never rubbish because of anything he did. People want to pay tribute to him. And they go to the work. Rightly so. But this being the internet what we really need is a top five.

The Playlist did one the moment he retired, and they proliferated yesterday. Top five performances, maybe with some honorable mentions. Is it wrong of me to thing there’s something like indecent haste in this? Can’t we have a slight pause between the announcement of a man’s death and the ranking of his work (alongside honorable mentions)? Are we really paying tribute to him or are we servicing our Asperger’s like need to put everything into a hit friendly top five blog post? 

The British newspaper the Guardian had the tasteless headline ‘Forget Mona Lisa, Felicia’s Journey was his masterpiece‘. Seriously? The man’s not cold and you use this moment to prove your singing out of the choir credentials. I understand he’s an important British actor and a British paper probably feels the more coverage the better, but that feels like loud self-important braying at a memorial service.  

A stupid asshole I might be, but let’s have a bit more class.  

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