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HOLLYWOOD – Tony Blair and George W. Bush are together again in a new romantic comedy With You, Whatever.

Based on the popular novel The Chilcot Report by Nicolas Sparks, With You, Whatever will be directed by Cameron Crowe and stars former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and ex-President George W. Bush in what the studio is calling a touching heartfelt comedy about how we all make mistakes, but some of them cost two million lives and lead to regional breakdown. The Studio Exec had the opportunity to talk to the two stars.

So Tony, George, neither of you are professional actors, how did you prepare for the roles?

George W. Bush: Well, hold on there. I think being a politician has some of the actor’s trade to it, don’t you Tony?

Tony Blair: Yes indeed George. Yes. Insofar as we perform. Though not in the sense that we play a role. We are I think deeply sincere. And I was also in a band.

So this film is set during the build up to the Iraq War. 

GWB: It was a really hard … time. There were lot’s of things we knew but at the same time there were things we thought we knew that later it turned out we didn’t know but we didn’t know that we didn’t know them. We thought we knew them. I mean…

TB: What George is trying to say, if you’ll forgive me George, is that there was a state of tumultuous febrile confusion and we were dealing with the most fragmented forms of information. But in the end a decision had to be made. George and I grew very close in those days.

GWB: Tony would come out to the ranch and we found out we shared the same taste in toothpaste and such.

TB: I don’t think they need to know that George.

But that was the beginning?

GWB: Any how, that was the beginning of a friendship that was to last for decades and this is our story.

TB: We’re both terribly proud of what we did, but we occasionally pretend to be very sad. It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, but that isn’t what matters. Consequences and the like. No, it is self-belief and holding true to your principles no matter how many experts are calling you crazy, or how little evidence you actually have.

GWB: You get to the edge of the precipice and you just have to leap.

TB: What else are precipices for?

GWB: With you, whatever.

TB: Says it all.

Can you say something about the plot?

GWB: We buy a zoo.

TB: Yes.

With You, Whatever will be released in 2018.

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