NEW YORK – Wes Anderson’s long gestated stage version of the Seventies classic Serpico will debut on Broadway this Fall.  The 1973 Sidney Lumet film starred Al Pacino as the titular cop who stands up to the corruption of his colleagues.

Wes Anderson first wrote a draft of a stage version when preparing his breakthrough movie Rushmore in 1997. The lead character Max, played by Jason Schwartzman, produces a version of the film for his school play.

But Anderson – a noted perfectionist – wrote an entire script.

He told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Initially I was trying to lampoon the idea of Max being so serious as to put on the film as a play, but then I started reading the original Waldo Salt and Norman Wexler screenplay and it just took me.

Luke Wilson is already in rehearsal as the main character and Al Pacino is rumored to be interested in taking the role of the police captain who becomes Serpico’s nemesis.

Serpico will debut in October.

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