NEW YORK – Wes Anderson will be the first film maker to receive a special Q rating from the MPAA. The new rating will be given to any film deemed to have an excessive a mount of Quirk. MPAA chairman Jimmy Shanks Mann said, ‘There are the films that look and sound like comedies but all you end up doing is smiling wryly to yourself until your face hurts and you feel slightly nauseous because of the film maker’s sense of smug self-satisfaction.’
The new certificate was first proposed after Moonrise Kingdom quirked all over screens earlier this year.
Apparently, Anderson co-scenarist and gopher Roman Coppola had made cuts to avoid A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III receiving the first certificate of its kind but only by the skin of his teeth. Shanks Mann said that in the case of Anderson there were no numbers of cuts that would allow Anderson’s next film The Grand Budapest Hotel to escape the certificate.
‘That asshole’s had it coming for a long time,’ Shanks Mann said.
Bill Murray – who has played himself in all of Anderson’s films except Bottle Rocket – said, ‘Knowing Wes he’ll wear it like a badge of pride. And when I say badge I mean he’ll have his god-dam brother make a badge and he’ll actually wear it.’

The Grand Budapest Hotel will be released in 2014.

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