Spoilers for the HBO show Wedger – the whole season – follow.

HOLLYWOOD -Following the intense internet debate, including the launching of several online petitions, everyone knew that the season finale of HBO show Wedger had raised the stakes to an almost impossible extent.

With the death of Stephen ‘Paint Bottle’ Wedger (Matthew Modine) the show had lost one of its most charismatic and amusing presences. Could Robert Downey Jr’s tortured Wedge expert carry the show? Would the diabolical Wedgier be revealed? And who else (let’s hope not Mrs. Wedger played by Mia Sara)  would have to pay for the darkness in the depths of the American male psyche?

Well, this reviewer has to say the whole thing was a colossal waste of time. The cracks began to appear when Captain Balaton (Jeff Daniels) is asked by a Supreme Court Judge ‘What is a wedge expert anyhow?’ This throwaway bit of meta-commentary suddenly felt prescient as we see Wedger at work analyzing the wedgie that killed his brother. It’s obvious that Downey Jr. is out of his depth, giving an utterly unconvincing performance of how a real wedge expert would operate. Then we learn he only got the job on the strength of the fact his name sounded uncannily appropriate. The reveal that the Wedgier was in fact Wedger, trying to keep himself in work was almost too obvious to be a reveal. 

To then have the whole validity of the whole show compromised by the final ten minutes when a young boy wakes up late for school and tells his mother over a rushed breakfast ‘what a strange dream I had’ was like taking the audience and giving it collectively the biggest wedgies in the history of wedgies. I for one was howling in agony. In three words the whole thing has been ‘an. unwiped. orifice.’

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