Warning: SPOILERS for the HBO series Wedger from pilot through to Episode 4.

Following the Washington antics of the previous episode and the breakneck pace of the show’s opening, it was only right that Wedger the new HBO drama starring Robert Downey Jr., Matthew Modine and Mia Sara should take a moment to compose itself.
Episode 4: The Wedge Shaped Room sees Wedger and estranged wife Toni going to couples therapy accompanied by Toni’s lover and Wedger’s brother, Stephen ‘Paint Bottle’ Wedger. A bottle episode – similar to the famous ‘The Fly’ episode in Breaking Bad – sees the characters confined to a waiting room for the entire episode as they wait for the therapist to see them. The delays begin as a hallucinating Wedger – he’s dropped liquid acid onto his retina in the cold opening – gets the wrong time and then the therapist herself seems to be running late as the increasingly comic receptionist (Kirstie Alley) explains and apologizes while apparently flirting with Paint Bottle.  
It soon becomes apparent that the therapy is already taking place, as Wedger and frère snipe at each other Toni tries to keep the peace and matters are not helped by Captain Balaton’s constant phone calls pleading with Wedger to return to the station as there has been a new Wedgying Murder and the ‘press is all over my ass’. Among other tit-bits in this David Mamet scripted episode comes the revelation of how Paint Bottle got his name, putting paid to weeks of internet speculation. Although there’s always the chance that his lying. Mia Sara’s performance was heart breaking and funny at the same time. Lulled into perhaps a sense of false safety by the grinding boredom of the episode – made duller still by Mamet’s trademark repeat the same line three times dialogue – the final twist revealing the identity of the therapist completely blew my mind and has risen the stakes significantly.

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