HOLLYWOOD – Classic TV show The Waltons is to be revived for Netflix, it was announced today.

Following the news recent remakes of cult TV shows – The X-Files and the forthcoming Twin Peaks – it was no surprise that Walton Mountain is to be revisited with a new season to drop sometime next year on Netflix. The Waltons followed the adventures of the Walton family, a poor but honest brood of innumerable members who lived in the Virginia mountains during the Great Depression. With Ma and Pa, the grandparents and the seven children, the Waltons would have weekly episodes in which something deeply moral was learned. The eldest son John Boy Walton would grow up to be a novelist and he would narrate the opening and close of the show, often giving the moral and what was learned. ‘Goodnight, John Boy’ was the much loved sign off until in 1981, it was heard for the last time.

Netflix released a statement about the new show:

The time has come to revisit The Waltons and Netflix is proud to announce a reboot of the show. This hourly drama series will star Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as Ma and Pa Walton. Caitlyn Jenner will play Grandma and Aziz Anzari as John Boy Walton. With a new cast and writing team, The Waltons will be a loving recreation of the original set in the same period, but will also confront issues of gender identity and racial intolerance. Bryan Cranston as a KKK Grand Wizard looks set to be one of the most terrifying villains on TV.

The Waltons: A New Beginning will drop sometime in 2017.

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  1. Why can you not have it also on TLC channel not ever person has Netflix.
    Hope you can do this also and have it in Sunday night.

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