It’s blasphemous, Gromit!

LEEDS – Aardman animation head Peter Lord announced today that the second feature length film starring Wallace and Gromit – the most popular claymation characters since… the most popular claymation characters ever will be called Cheesus Christ Superstar and will be a religious rock opera, featuring a saviour who goes well in grilled sandwiches or with crackers.
 ‘It’s going to be tasteful,’ said director Nick Park. ‘And very very tasty.’


The new film will take the mild mannered inventor and his faithful canine friend back to their origins when – in A Grand Day Out – they went to the moon. This time they will be going to the Holy Land where they will meet the famous Nazarene dairy farmer Cheesus Christ, surrounded by shepherds, who wants to branch out into fish products helped by Zebedee and his fisherman friends. But Poncey Pilate wants everyone to eat Humous and is looking to crucify Cheesus with the help of the supermarket chain Phari-Sees.
Cheesus Christ Superstar is slated for summer 2032.


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