Thursday 22 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Vince Vaughn announced yesterday that he is going to try his hand at comedy in The Internship, which co-stars Owen Wilson.

The forty seven year old Vince Vaughn told the Studio Exec: ‘I’m tired of the heavy roles I’ve been playing of late and I want to do something a little lighter. The world is depressing enough already, am I right?’

Vaughn’s career began promisingly enough with the bleakly beautiful Swingers, but soon his CV was checkered by depressing film after depressing film, such as The Wedding Crashers, The Break Up, Dodge Ball, Uncle Lover and The Watch. In each film fans of Mr. Vaughn were treated to the same performance of a washed up Lothario with delusions of wit and buckets of self-hatred, driven on to stupidity and excess by a massive structuring absence where his soul is supposed to be. His one break from depressing high drama was the light hearted rom-com Psycho in which he hilariously stabs Anne Heche to death (SPOILER for fifty years ago). Vaughn explains his change of heart:

I knew that perhaps I’d gone too far with the serious material when I bumped into Michael Haneke at a single’s night and he pretended not to know who I was.

Vaughn justifies his choice of depressing material:

America is a sick depraved patriarchal society, run by bone headed men who think that the words ‘rape’ and ‘culture’ go together. My work is an expose of the virulent sore that festers at the core of 21st Century masculinity. That said I’m hoping this next film will prove I can do comedy. Hey, there’s a first time for everything.

The Internship is available.

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