Monday 21 September 2020
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LAS VEGAS – Vince Vaughn has retired from ‘acting’, effective immediately. 

In a personal statement released by his agent Uncle Bobby, Vaughn said:

I’m sick of it. I’ve not been interested since Swingers, which was money you have to admit, but Christ since then it’s been one horrific atrocity after another. 
Vaughn cited his final decision to have been motivated by his friend and colleague Owen Wilson:

I noticed that while we were making that Internship pile of shit that Owen was becoming just like me, an unfunny chubby lump of jizzy testosterone with no comic timing or brain sense remaining. Owen used to be hilarious but he hasn’t made a truly funny film since Behind Enemy Lines. And it’s my influence. It happened to Ben Stiller after Dodgeball. I can’t do this to my friends. I can’t drag them down with me. 

Vaughn’s resignation was greet with almost universal celebration, with the exception of Jack Black who said: ‘I think Vince is hilarious.’ 

The Business Trip released in 2014 will be his last film. 

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