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 SAN DIEGO – Vin Diesel – of Fast and Furious and Riddick fame – has been hinting that a new franchise (perhaps coming from Marvel) was in the offing, but today he revealed he would be starring in a live action version of Elmer Fudd.

The film, provisionally entitled Fudd, will star Vin Diesel in the leading role of the follically-challenged hunter.

An obviously excited Diesel said:

I love the Looney Tunes ‘Universe’ and have been a fan for years. This will be a whole new take on Elmer ‘Egghead’ Fudd. If you think about it, he’s the original action star. A dark character, a man of violence, who relentlessly hunts his adversary the dubbuh-cwossing wabbit! the tweachewous miscweant!

A director has not yet to be attached but Kenneth Branagh has already evinced an interest in an interview with Rolling Stone.

‘He is perhaps the most complex character in animated history,’ said the Shakespeare interpreter extraordinary. ‘Except obviously for Bugs Bunny.’

Comic-Con c-c-c-con-tinues. 

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