VENICE – The 70th Venice Film Festival is due to begin in less than a month and the director of the festival Alberto Barbera spoke exclusively to Studio Exec about the line up and prospects of the world’s oldest festival. 

So Sig. Barbera, what can we expect from this year’s edition?

Pffff. I don’t know. George Clooney’s coming again. We try and keep him away, but he manages to sneak in almost every year. And then we’ve got James Franco again. Kim Ki-Duk again, Myazaki again, Philippe Garrel again, oh and Kelly Reichardt again.

It doesn’t sound like you’ve put much work into it.

We can’t be bothered. I mean 70 festivals. And we had a war in the middle. We’re tired. We just phone the same people. If they say yes, great, if they say, no we go on to someone else. Look at the poster for this year. It’s basically last year’s but we drew something on the foreground in crayon.

So what are you personally looking forward to in the line up?

Me? I’m going to Toronto. Toronto is where the big films are going. And now we’ve got Rome trying to get in on the act as well. Ma va fanculo! I’m going to pretend be ill and then I’m taking the plane to Toronto. It’s going to be great. Though Canadian food isn’t exactly up to much.

The Studio Exec will be covering the Venice Film Festival which is from the 28th of August to the 7th of September, 2013. 

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