thinking about cabbage

VENICE – We’re coming to the close of the Festival and it’s almost as if the organizers have become the police surrounding a crime scene: ‘Move on!’ they seem to shout. ‘There’s nothing to see here!’
The last films of the competition are showing: a Taiwanese film about a man who falls in love with a cabbage and a French film about adultery, La Jalousie
‘Aren’t all French films about adultery?’ I asked Philippe Garrel, the film’s director. 
‘Oui,’ he replied. 
As for the film about the man falling in love with a cabbage, it was called Stray Dogs and is just dull enough to pick up a prize. The director Tsai Ming Liang swung the same trick a few years ago with his snore fest Vive L’Amour and you have to admire his brass to try it again. 

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