VENICE – There are some very simple rules that one must follow when you go to a festival and here they are:

  1. Never bring dead animals to screenings. They smell and it can surely serve no good purpose.
  2. Always find the most comfortable screening room for your afternoon snooze. In Venice it is the Sala Perla. And you can also enjoy listening to Bernardo Bertolucci snore through the proceedings. 
  3. When telling someone your opinion of a film immediately after the screening, do it loudly so that at least ten other people can hear. Don’t be secretive let it out.
  4. Booing is encouraged by festival organizers. In the case of Philippe Garrel you can also throw eggs and small baskets of worms.
  5. When spotting a celebrity, the new cool thing to do is point at them and shout their name e.g. ‘JESUS CHRIST, it’s NICHOLAS CAGE!’

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