VENICE – It is traditional every year that during the George Clooney press conference, some intrepid young reporter enquires about Mr. Clooney’s sexuality/marital status/proposes marriage.
It happened during the Michael Clayton press conference, there was the marriage proposal from a Spanish female journalist during the Burn After Reading conference, and another from an Italian male journalist during the conference for The Men Who Stare at Goats. It has to be said that Mr. Clooney greets all of these journalistic high jinks with good humour and often bests the giddy numbskulls with a ready quip, as was the case when the Italian journalist thought it’d be hilarious to strip in order to make his proposal and The Perfect Storm (as he likes to be known) requested the journo be left where he was rather than removed, and the shivering scribe had to do exactly that.

But this only one of many Venetian traditions we have come to expect. Other traditions include:

  • Pretending not to notice Vincent Gallo when he’s wearing a ludicrous disguise
  • Talking loudly about the new Romanian film about poor orphans as if you didn’t sleep through it
  • Racing the Times correspondent to the bar (don’t bother, she always wins!)
  • And that old classic, hunting and capturing Nicholas Cage and burning him in a huge wicker effigy of his own hair.

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