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HOLLYWOOD – A sequel to the cult dystopian thriller V for Vendetta will be based in the USA.

Producers are setting V for Vendetta 2 in the United States. The 2005 thriller achieved cult success on its release. The Guy Fawkes mask worn by V (Hugo Weaving) has since entered the cultural psyche for groups such as Anonymous. Natalie Portman returns as Evey. She spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

The relevance of the original movie is so strong today, it’s hard to escape. So we decided that Evey has moved across the Atlantic to the US in order to escape a resurgent fascist government in the UK. However, in America instead of welcome she finds an even more brutal state of affairs. Mass distraction, unprecedented surveillance, the government peopled by corporate lackeys and a supreme leader called Drumpf who has fooled the populace that he is the the solution with his party The New Wind.

Are there any parallels with the new administration?

None at all.

V for Vendetta 2 will be released in 2018.

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4 thoughts on “V FOR VENDETTA 2 WILL BE SET IN US”

  1. V for Vendetta was more than a popular, catchy cult film. And it was more than prophetic. It was a call to action against all gathering Deep States, Shadow Governments, and runaway Global Capitalistic Cabals.

    It was and IS a call for education about the forces at work that are, like computers, growing an ARTIFICIAL BUT PALPABLE CONSCIOUSNESS.

    There is not precedent for this; only anticipation.

    The peoples of the world will either naturally and spontaneously grow a pair enlightened balls…or get swept down an historic infundibulum of chaos, confusion, and despair, which could last a generation or two.

    Who’s in charge of setting script for the sequel??!!

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