UPSTREAM COLOR: REVIEW – Shane Carruth is a man who once was a software engineer and now he writes and edits, directs, acts in and scores his own films. He made Primer in 2004 and Upstream Color is his most recent film, now available on Blu-Ray.

It is brilliant. 

Carruth’s film-making is a mixture of matter of fact naturalistic performances – here from Amy Seimetz as Krix and Carruth himself as Jeff – brilliantly realised visuals and stunning sound scape and the most off the rails plots you can hope to have mess with your mind. A synopsis would just sound daft, but here goes. Kris is drugged and robbed by a thief. Never fully aware of what happened to her life, she meets with Jeff and together they have an uncanny affinity. Their love affair is also an act of repair, as they try and find out what happened to them and what is the role of the mysterious pig farmer and sampler (Andrew Sensenig) and Carruth keeps the weirdness of the  story grounded in fully realized characters and a brilliantly shot world. The kind of cinema that makes you think cinema can do stuff. 
And it apparently cost less than $100,000 to make. 
Which means we could make 2250 Upstream Colors for one Man of Steel.

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