Monday 20 May 2019
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UNFRIENDED – REVIEW – A group of friends try to chat on Skype but a mysterious caller is in their group chat and terror ensues!

Found footage comes to the digital natives of the new millennium with Leo Gabriadze’s Unfriended, a horror film that promises to be the Blair Witch Experiment of the tensies!

It starts off in a nicely original way with Facebook and Skype, short clips from YouTube and music from Spotify all being accessed via the desktop of Blaire (Shelley Hennig). She starts off with a little sexy chat with her boyfriend Mitch (Moses Storm), but when friends Adam (Will Peltz), Ken (Jacob Wysocki), Jess (Renee Olstead) and Val (Courtney Halverson) join the chat, an unknown user joins them as well. One they can’t get rid of. The friends are all the kind of entitled, sassy, ironic types who brook no bullshit from their intruder and think they know it all. Their no-holds-barred bitchiness is already evident among themselves but it soon becomes apparent that they were somehow involved in a suicide and that whoever is listening in knows something about their culpability. Each in their own rooms, they are interconnected and savvy but also  isolated and vulnerable and the skeletons are not only in their closet but in the Cloud.

Sadly, as soon as we pass the halfway mark, Unfriended becomes a fairly predictable slasher film as the dislike-able bunch are winnowed down, one by one meeting a series of grisly fates. There are some nice jump scares and what not, and a dark wit to proceedings, but the rhythm of the slasher is so predictable that I found myself ticking off the victims and waiting for the denouement with something close to impatience. Does the film have anything clever to say about the internet? Possibly. Although it will lend itself more to those who are horrified by the idea of the web from the get go, the cyber bullying subplot is timely and well done.

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