HOLLYWOOD – Twitter has added a Harry Potter button in the hope that this will attract ‘young people’ to the ailing mini-blogging site.

Twitter has added a strange lightning scar Harry Potter button which users can click on to get all their Hogwarts news of their favorite wizards and witches in real time. Tech expert Hampton Park told the Studio Exec:

They’ve been flagging for a while, Twitter. People are going back to Facebook, or if they are damaged Tumblr, or if they want to be alone Google Plus. So frankly they are flapping around to find some way of hooking new users and they are a bit out of date and so one of them came up with a Harry Potter button. Someone else wanted a Twilight one but then they got caught up in the old Team Edward and Team Jacob dichotomy.


Yeah. So then Star Wars was mentioned but they’d have to sell Twitter to buy that so Harry Potter was finally settled on, even though they are not allowed to use the name Harry Potter. That’s why they’ve called it Moments. But that isn’t the only problem. They’ve screwed up their filters so there’s lots of irrelevant stuff there. I searched for hours and I couldn’t find any Potter related content at all.

So a flop?

A muggle of a flop yes.


That’s Harry…You see.

Twitter were unable to comment.

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