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WASHINGTON – President Elect Donald Trump picks Derek Vinyard as his Secretary of State.

Neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard is to be Donald Trump’s new Secretary of State. Vinyard was made famous by the 1998 film starring Edward Norton.

As cabinet posts begin to fill up, many political commentators are seeing a worrying trend. Max Ballast told the Studio Exec:

Not only is Vinyard a racist and an extremely dangerous and violent man, I’m pretty sure he’s a fictional character.

However, House Speaker Paul Ryan defended Trump’s choices, saying that it was another example of how Trump was breaking with the political elites and going with what the people want:

I think with Boss Hogg taking the Treasury and Larry Vaughn handling the EPA, Trump is confounding his critics and putting together a team who are ready to confront the problems of this country. Fictional characters can offer a lot more than professional insiders and lobbyists who currently run Washington. After all, if you start question if Derek is real you might as well as if Donald Trump is real too.

Edward Norton himself said that he is disturbed by the use of his character as if he were a real person.

I hope that we can start bringing the country together. I really don’t think that Derek is a model for that.

President Elect Trump will begin the apocalypse in January 2017.

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