The Studio Exec generally despises lists as the laziest possible journalism. But recently it occurred to me that I am lazy, Goddam it! And so we are checking into the Lazy Journalism Hotel with a list of the Top Five Being Sad in A Hotel films.   

1.     Lost in Translation: Scarlett Johansson is in a hotel in Tokyo and she is sad. Bill Murray is in a hotel in Tokyo and he is also sad. Scarlett and Bill meet up and are less sad, but then they don’t do it and that makes them more sad.

2.     Barton Fink: John Turturro check in to Hotel Earle, trying to write a screenplay for a wrestling B movie for movie mogul Jack Lipnick. He is sad and lonely. Then he meets Charlie his neighbour (John Goodman) and his hero Bill Mayhew (John Mahoney) and Audrey (Judy Davis), but his neighbour’s weird, his hero’s a bullying drunk and his girlfriend winds up dead.

Lucky, lucky, lucky
3.     The Hotel New Hampshire: The Berry family and their five children including Jodie Foster and Rob Lowe set up a hotel run by Freud in Austria and inhabited by radicals and a lesbian bear (Natasha Kinski). They keep passing those open windows, until one of them doesn’t.

4.     The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: It isn’t supposed to be sad. They’re actually supposed to be quite happy in the end in a feel good way. But you’ll feel sad watching it. And there’s a hotel.

5.     The Shining: The Overlook Hotel is the daddy of all sad hotels. Atrocious décor, especially in Room 237 and nothing to do all day except try and murder your wife and child. 

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