HOLLYWOOD – Cameron Diaz has confirmed she will play the lead role in a remake of the 1982 Sydney Pollack directed comedy Tootsie.

Ms. Diaz will take the role of Michael Dorsey, an out of work actor – played in the original by Dustin Hoffman – who assumes the identity of a woman Dorothy Michaels in order to get more work.

Director Spike Jonze says the original idea was to change the roles from male to female to accommodate Ms. Diaz’s having a vagina, but then they decided that ‘wasn’t quirky enough’ and so decided that the actress will play a man who pretends to be a woman. ‘It’ll be really freaky, and people will be going what? and I’ll be like, yeah. Exactly!’

Asked to comment on the re-imagining of a role that saw him nominated for an Oscar, Dustin Hoffman said: ‘Phnmamanna mmnenmn mmnnmenon, assholes.’

Filming is due to start in the Spring.

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