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HOLLYWOOD – Actor Tom Hardy can hear what ghosts are saying, but admits ‘it’s mostly shit’.

Venom and Capone actor Tom Hardy has the ability to hear ghosts speaking. The revelation came in an interview with French cultural magazine Chapeau. Speaking to Xavier Poulis, Hardy told the startled philosopher and pastry chef it was an ability he had had for years.

It started I guess when I was a kid, growing up. I’d be walking passed a cemetery and I’d be shouting, ‘Blimey, keep it down. Can’t hear myself think.’ But there would be no one there. Then my old gran told me that I had this ability. She said some people ‘shine‘. That was the word she used.


I know. Sometimes I wonder if Stephen King ever met my Nan.

What do they say?

Mostly shit. Asking the time, talking about the weather, complaining about the bus service and how bad television is these days. Some of them are still on about Ben Affleck being such a bad choice for Batman.

Do they ever give you instructions?

Oh yeah. Lots of them want to update their Facebook status. Or ask me about the new James Bond, George Lazenby. I mean it depends. They all died at different points so there’s a muddle.

So this power you have, is there any way you can use it for good?

Nah. I mean I thought about it at first, but it’s just a pain in the balls really. A load of noise to tune out.

Tom Hardy is appearing in Lincoln on the Bardo.

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