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HOLLYWOOD – The FBI have placed Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks under house arrest for what the agent in charge of the case is calling ‘his own protection.’

The President ordered the action late last night and Tom Hanks has been in lock down since the early hours of this morning.

A spokesperson for the FBI said that protective custody the President himself instructed them after a week of watching Tom Hanks films in the West Wing of the White House.

The agent stated:

The President first voiced concern after watching Castaway and Apollo 13 in a double bill. He said Mr. Hanks was a ‘danger to himself’, always finding it difficult to return home. The President’s estimation of Mr. Hanks had suffered severely after watching Forrest Gump and learning of Mr. Hanks’ involvement in the cow dung that was The Pacific. The Commander-in-Chief was almost enraged by The Terminal, muttering that Hanks ‘couldn’t even get out of an airport’. So it was with great anxiety and trepidation that we screened Captain Phillips, and sure enough… Well, I don’t want to spoil the film.

Gary Busey said that the move was understandable: ‘Hanks plays with fire. It’s his character. But he needs to be protected.’

Mr. Hanks will remain at home until he can prove that he is capable of leaving the house without being shipwrecked, kidnapped, going beyond the dark side of the moon or being shot in France.

Captain Phillips is currently winning the Oscars. 

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  1. Based on the evidence, AAP FactCheck found the Facebook posts to be false. The claim that Canada s Justin Trudeau has been arrested is false and also appears to be made in relation to Australia s prime minister also falsely. Hollywood s Tom Hanks has not been arrested. There is no evidence to support the claim that Harvey Weinstein made a special deal with prosecutors in exchange for testimony against famous figures including Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey herself has debunked claims of her arrest. There is no evidence of a mass arrest of Vatican officials and while most of Italy s airports have been shut down, some are still operating.

    1. If so why have we not seen him? That fact checked relied on the press not covering the arrest means it did not happen? Also said he did a voice over since then? His brother did all of his voice overs in his movies. No proof he is alive i will have to see it to be leave it! Where is check hanks ? Truth is stranger then fiction

  2. Fact Check 723 determined that factcheck is lying. Who the hell is factcheck anyway? Factcheck is paid to say everything is a lie. Factcheck is a pedophile too.

    1. You got that one perfectly.
      All those pedo’s are gonna enjoy Gitmo for the time they are there, As brief as it may be, before being moved underground.

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