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HOLLYWOOD – If you live in Stockton City California, keep your eye out for Tom Hanks who will be delivering the mail all this week.

The Forrest Gump and Bridge of Spies star Tom Hanks will be delivering the mail this week in Stockton City, California as part of the Federal Celebrity Postal Initiative.

Postal worker, Tom Hanks popped round with a special delivery to the Studio Exec Bungalow to talk about it:

Ever since I found that student’s ID in the park I was initially pleased. And then afterwards I was really deflated. I felt like ‘Why can’t I do stuff that is useful instead of just pretending to be other people all the time?’┬áSo when I heard about there being an opening in the Stockton Postal service I leaped at the chance to fill in.

So this isn’t a charity thing?

No, I mean I made that bit up because of my publicist and anyway I’m doing a week’s trial and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty confident I can do the job. I mean how hard can it be? I hear they write the addresses on the outside of the letters so all you have to do is find the place and deliver the letter, or the parcel. I hope they don’t have dogs though.

Tom Hanks will be delivering mail all this week.

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