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HOLLYWOOD – Co-star accuses Tom Hanks of inappropriate behaviour.

The Hollywood Reporter is the first to break the news of the latest allegations of sexual misconduct against an actor. This time, it’s Tom Hanks.

A production assistant on the set of CASTAWAY claims Hanks, on more than one occasion, would caress and stroke his co-star, the volleyball named “Wilson”, in situations that went far beyond what was needed for a scene.

“We’d all just be there, watching,” claimed the unnamed production assistant, “and, Mr. Hanks would just, like, have his hands all over Wilson. We’d all read the script, and we all knew it wasn’t right.”

In light of the allegations, Wilson has released a short statement on Twitter, “shm ppl knew what happened. said nuthin then. now come out. thx for support. hanging by thread but #blessed. will b ok.”

Hanks is not commenting on the allegations. However, they are both set to appear at this years Golden Globes ceremony, where Hanks is nominated for his work in THE POST.

More as this story develops. THE POST is in theatres now.

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