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HOLLYWOOD – Reports accuse Tom Hanks of having ‘loving sex with his wife’.

Allegations today surfaced that Tom Hanks has over a number of years had ‘loving sex with his wife’. The New Yorker published a story by Ronan Farrow claiming that the Castaway and Saving Private Ryan has on numerous occasions exposed himself to his wife and they have engaged in mutually consensual and surprisingly kinky sex fun.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec Farrow stated:

Hanks has traded for years on his wholesome image of Hollywood’s Mr. Nice, but now we are getting a totally different image of a man who regularly gets into bed with a woman who he is married to and – following an appropriate period of foreplay – puts his penis – HIS PENIS – inside her. Some of these incidents result in ejaculation.

Many have expressed support and solidarity for Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife.

Farrow said:

Rita has dealt with a long period of systematic conjugal relations. And you have to remember that is with the guy who was in Dragnet and Splash.

Tom Hanks issued a statement.

All these stories are true.

Tom Hanks will appear next in The Caravaggio Code.

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