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HOLLYWOOD  – Tobey Maguire has today been launched into space, NASA confirmed.

A spokesperson for NASA has confirmed that Tobey Maguire has been launched into space.

We’ve been looking to launch someone famous into space for years and someday we might but for now we’re happy to have launched Spider-man 3 star Tobey Maguire.

His agent, Splitz Dean, told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that is has been a dream of his to launch Tobey into space for decades.

It’s something I always wanted to happen but I never dreamed could happen. And we’re not talking about him being launched into orbit or heading for the Moon or Mars or somewhere like that. We just launched him off into space and he really could go anywhere.

Was it Tobey’s dream also?

I don’t think so. He had to be quite heavily sedated. He was screaming and moving around too violently for us to tie the straps. But he’s off now.

Tobey Maguire will be continuing his mission in space for some time to come.

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