BERLIN – Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel let slip in an interview with German cultural magazine ACHTUNG CHEESE! that they were working on a sequel to the oddly popular comedy This is the End

This is Not the End would be a prequel explained Seth Rogen, well Jay Baruchel sat in silent anger.

Otherwise how could we get Danny [McBride], James [Franco] and Jonah [Hill] into the film. So what happens is we have the same idea. There’s a party at Franco’s but whereas in the original film the world ends, in the new one, it doesn’t.  

So was ist da point?

Well, it’ll be cheap for one. The special effects on the last one, I know they didn’t look good, but they cost muchos coin! Also it will be an opportunity to be self-deprecating while at the same time being endlessly narcissistic. And yes, Michael Cera will be in it again.


You’re welcome.

This is Not the End will be released in 2015. 

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