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HOLLYWOOD – Season 6 of The Walking Dead seemed to come to an end with an irritating finale to what has been an irritating season all round, but bosses at AMC have revealed that the final show was not actually the finale at all.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has tortured its fans throughout a weird season 6 and the finale that introduced Negan and killed off a major character without identifying who it was, went beyond cliffhanging and became simply infuriating. However, AMC bosses have revealed that the cliffhanging ending was not in fact an ending at all.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, an anonymous source at AMC called Scott Gimple revealed (some SPOILERS):

We had this one up our sleeves all along and I think fans are going to go ape shit when they find out. Although last night’s show was officially the season finale in a further twist we have actually filmed a further episode – an epilogue  if you like – and we will put this out at the same time next week, but without any publicity, trailers or anything. It’ll just be a shock to one and all.

So why are you telling us?

Because you’re the Studio Exec. Who’ll believe you?

Good point. So what will the new episode resolve?

We want to set up the next season and a cliffhanger is always fun but we realized we’d gone too far this time. You can’t have people worried if Glenn is dead again, or who else it might have been that Negan killed. So in next week’s hour long episode we’ll resolve those issues, but at the same time, we might set up a few new ones for you to worry about. Plus we have a lot of footage of the RV reversing away from blocked roads which we didn’t use in the season finale and so we’d like to find a home for that.

The Walking Dead is on AMC.

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