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Over the last few months we’ve seen a spate of stealing scandals in the film writing community and it seems the old plagiarism lark is as rife as chicken pox in a playground.

Some of the poor unfortunates who got caught with a kilo of other people’s ideas up their asses have been ran out of Twitter town by gangs of slack jawed militants carrying pitchforks and flaming torches. Rumor has it these word thieves are all living together in a wooden shack up an icy mountain pass recycling their own urine and telling heartbreaking tales of their fall from grace.

Now The Studio Exechas no real sympathy for their plight but isn’t it high time we reached out to these bottom feeders and tried to help them? Who knows how many film reviewers are sat at home as we speak just waiting for the day some budding investigator outs them as career word thief. Should we not do the Christian thing and give these blasphemers an opportunity to confess before they are hung, drawn and quartered?

We think that’s the way forward and so we have decided to hold our first annual plagiarism amnesty. Simply write to us listing your crimes and begging forgiveness and we will arrange a meeting at our secret base under the Hollywood sign.

There you will be subjected to some mild torture to ensure you have spilled your guts completely and then the ritual of purification can be begin.

First you will suffer trial by fire then trial by ice. Next you will be forced to write one of those nauseating multi-page clicking top tens that have infested movie based websites like syphilis in a sorority house. If you manage to survive, which is unlikely, your sins will be absolved and you’ll be free to spend the rest of your days writing tedious copy for peanuts or thin air.

As it’s our first amnesty we will be offering our cleansing services for the knock down price of $1000 but if you’re a website owner/editor and you have a couple of parishioners  in your flock  you suspect are stealing bread from other peoples tables. For this week only we’ll do a pair for $1500.

Roll up. Roll up

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