HOLLYWOOD – Everybody wants to know who the Studio Exec is … well nobody does really. But here are the team of idiots he exploits to do all the work.

Lenny Delowitz can turn a hand to anything as long as it is felonious, or at the least verging on the amoral. His stupendous ability to metabolize alcohol is only matched by almost psychotic need for love and affection and offend all who offer it to him. He wrote the novelization of Grease 2 and comes with 16 color illustrations in the middle of him.

Chad Sternberger is an extraordinarily talented writer and filmmaker whose film credits include Bridge of Spies: The T’Pau story and Jaws: the Best Bond Villain. As a youngster, he killed a man in Reno ‘just to watch him die’ but was released on the grounds that a literal interpretation of a Johnny Cash song is worth a man’s life. He lives with his son Sue.

The Pixel Factor is an artists collective made up of only one person, due to intense problems of physical hygiene. Wanted in several countries for copyright infringement, illegal dentistry and photo-shopping pictures of Kevin Bacon so that he doesn’t look strange, The Pixel Factor first joined the Studio Exec in 1977, shortly after the release of the original Star Wars movie. He is largely responsible for the graphic content of the site and the image at the top of the page is of he. He can be found on twitter here: @ThePixelFactor.

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