Sometime over the past week a sweaty PR team has been creating an elaborate plot to deflect the blame and explain the reason why a 5 year old child with Leukemia was told he was going to be part of the Oscars ceremony and then dumped just before the show because his segment ‘Didn’t Work’.

Rumours abound that Andrew Garfield was an asshole and stormed out causing the rehearsal to break down and maybe that happened, but even if it did, he could have been replaced and Miles Scott A.K.A Bat Kid would have got what he was promised.

If Miles had been an actor, even a child actor then fine. That’s the business and you have to expect to be on the wrong side of an edit but Miles is just a little kid, a famous little kid perhaps but not an actor, just a boy with loving parents who became the star or a remarkable and touching global story. Sure, there is the argument that there are plenty of sick children out there and why should he get special treatment … yadda, yadda, yadda … but anyone spreading that kind of bull needs a bite of a knuckle sandwich.

It has been suggested that whoever made the decision to cut that segment did so because of time constraints, as if that’s an excuse. As if they couldn’t have chopped some other dry, crappy segment for the sake of a little kid with cancer. We may never know why it was really cut but being a betting men I’d say they suddenly realised that a sick kid would spoil the atmosphere of celebrity self congratulation and poop the party for a bunch of rich people that play make believe for money.

Whoever made the decision should be fired. Whether it was one person or a bunch of people they need to be cast out of Academy heaven before the week is out. Hollywood had a chance to show a little humanity and it blew it because it doesn’t know how to handle real people but give it a fake and its back in the comfort zone.

Sure shit happens but this shit didn’t have to happen and hopefully the shadowy figures up on high learn from this sad and stupid mistake.
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  1. Yeah, like it was so important to see Ellen handing out pizza or all those soul less wonders killing themselves to get paid by Samsung. Douches. All of them douches now that I think of it. Shit list, indeed. And they all suck, by the way.

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