The Jewish shopkeeper from Deadwood spends his days in an Iron Lung flirting with his hot care assistants and typing poetry with a straw. He seeks spiritual guidance from his shaggy haired comedy priest William H. Macy, who lives vicariously through his tales of wanton desire. Mr Iron Lung decides to hire a sex surrogate (Helen Hunt), who  is basically a prostitute that takes notes.

After several scenes of a tasty looking Hunt getting her flaps out and Captain Iron Lung  prematurely ejaculating, he finally manages full penetration much to the delight of himself and the audience. They fall in love but she’s already married so he hooks up with Calamity Jane from Deadwood who spends the next five years washing his balls before he dies on her. A sweet and amusing high brow rom-com and easily the best sex scenes between an able bodied woman and a paralyzed guy since Hunt rode Stoltz in Waterdance.

Does she have a fetish?.We can only speculate but rumor is she’s signed up to play the love interest in Spike Lee’s Curtis Mayfield biopic. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is just plain dirty.

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