HOLLYWOOD – The Revenant Land is to open its gates next month, backers have announced, despite criticisms from safety activists.

The amusement park Revenant Land is due to do online next month and is hoping to attract thousands of visitors. The park designed by the late Michael Crighton will include attractions such as the Waterfall Pounding, Fingers and Toes, Brokeback Mountains, the Pruddy Mouth, the Bear Mauling and Squeal Like a Pig. Water rides called the 6 Waterfalls will compete with the 4D attraction ‘Sleeping Inside a Dead Horse Naked’ while a variety of themed restaurants will offer uncooked fish dinners, rotting buffalo snacks and handfuls of frozen soil for refreshment.

The opening however has not been welcomed in all quarters and some safety experts are warning that the park does not meet the highest standards when it comes to guest safety.

Xavier Poulis of the French Cultural magazine Chapeau reports:

Alejandro Inarritu is to open his second amusement park although many do not know about the first. The original Amusement Park – Amores Perros – was built outside Mexico City and featured a series of attractions all of which involved being attacked by vicious dogs. Ultimately, the injuries and deaths contributed to Inarritu’s fleeing of the country and arrival in Hollywood.

Inarritu however said that the park will be a fitting memorial to Michael Crighton and when asked about the dangers of the attractions escaping and killing the guests, he laughed loudly and for several minutes was unable to speak.

‘Don’t worry,’ he told the Studio Exec. ‘The cameras will be ready to roll.’

The Revenant Land will open in July, 2017.

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