HOLLYWOOD – Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant is currently topping the Box Office in part due to the blizzard that the studio provided as part of an extreme publicity stunt.

Leonardo diCaprio might have had to get intimate with a bear, but reports are that Alejandro Inarritu’s love of extremity has even infected the marketing campaign for his latest film The Revenant. An insider at the studio told The Studio Exec under strict confidence that the Mexican director had arranged for a freezing snow blizzard to hit the Eastern seaboard upon the release of his new movie.

Alejandro wants everything to be real and so quite early on in discussions about how we would introduce the concept of the film to the public he was all in for having a massive ice storm hit the Eastern Seaboard with strong winds and a heavy snow fall. His concept was that the audience would then feel that as they trudged through the freezing weather towards the movie theaters they would begin to understand not only what Hugo Glass was going to go through but also what Leo and Tom hardy went through as they were making the film.

But people died during the storm. 

Yeah, Alejandro. He really doesn’t give a shit about that. He was thumping the table and yelling “make it snow goddamn it.” At first we thought he wanted cocaine, but then it was clear he actually wanted us to manipulate the weather in order to give the audience the most immersive experience possible.

Can you actually manipulate the weather like that?

It’s not too difficult actually. You know that thing about a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico and a hurricane hitting Miami, apparently it works if a Mexican director wants snow in New York. Alejandro has so many butterflies, you wouldn’t believe.

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