HOLLYWOOD – 2020 pushed to 2021.

The rest of 2020 moves to 2021. It’s the news that everyone expected, but it still came as a shock. October, November and December will now move to January 1st 2021. Each month will have one week less to allow for the the surplus months to fit in to the new year. Studio heads were quick to praise the news. One spoke anonymously to Studio Exec:

This is good news all round. Obviously it’s going to mean things are going to feel strange for a little while longer. But I see no other way we can do this. It means that No Time to Die will definitely come out in November, 2020. But November 2020 itself has moved.

The three month period the months have vacated will count as one long stretch, called simply ‘Fuctember’. Fuctember will finish on Fuctember 92nd after which October will begin.

In the world of politics, the GOP have welcomed the news as it means that the election will be delayed for many weeks. However, no business will be allowed as it won’t appear on the official calendar.

The change to the calendar is only the latest example of how Coronavirus has affected our lives in a radical way. Some are blaming the move on the weak takings from Mulan and Tenet. Others however see darker forces at play. Indifference greeted news of the change, though some protest rallies are due to take place because, well, why not?

Fuctember starts on Thursday.

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