LONDON – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is to make her acting début starring as actress Helen Mirren in a new biopic of the actress’s life called Mirren.

Buckingham Palace released a press release earlier today that included a personal statement from the Queen herself. 

One reaches a moment in one’s live when one realizes that some things have passed one by and through no one’s fault but one’s own, one has got into something of a rut. Last summer one had the opportunity to appear in a short film directed by Mr. Danny Boyle and co-starring the scrumptious Daniel Craig as part of the Olympics opening ceremony. One was pleased to do one’s bit but then one realized that one had been bitten by the acting bug and so when Mr. Stephen Frears telephoned and asked one if one would appear as Dame Helen Mirren one leapt at the chance. Dame Helen has played one both on-stage and screen, most successfully in a film called The Queen. So it feels fitting that one’s début should be to return the favor.     

Dame Helen Mirren was unavailable for comment but friends close to the actress says that she was highly annoyed by the development, believing it to be disrespectful to her high status to be portrayed in a film.

Mirren will be released in 2016.  

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